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This is my English page where I will post assignments, poems, essays, glogs, and mush more. Feel free to comment.

My Ekphrastic Poem

A sunset streaked with red and gold shines,

Above a lake reflecting the world with a darkened hue,

Gnarled trees barebacked and twisted bend down as if groveling at the feet of the setting sun

Plants and bushes huddle together swaying in the in the wind as if preparing for the night to come

But soon the sun will set sealing darkness and closing the curtains on this powerful image 

My favorite poem was called “The Stunning Sunset.”It was an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem based on a painting. The painting is a picture of a sunset over a lake. We were given the assignment to write a poem about a painting. I don’t really have any paintings or pictures around my house that really inspired me, so I just Googled™ famous paintings and clicked, on images. When I saw the picture it was inspiring. It is a really powerful image and inspired me to write a poem. I liked this poem the most, because it really describes the picture. You can see the painting without even looking at it. My favorite elements in the poem are the similes I used. For example “Plants and bushes huddle together swaying in the in the wind as if preparing for the night to come.” The voice I put in the poem is as though I am someone looking at the painting and describing it. The painting is very powerful. It tells a story of its own. It can speak to me telling the story of a sunset. The poem came out extremely easily. It just poured off my fingers. I can make things come to life effortlessly. This was good because I already had the picture. All I had to do was write my thoughts. I only wrote two drafts. The first one I wrote on paper, and then my final draft I typed it up. I like the whole poem. It describes the painting well. Although all the lines are good I think the best line is “Above a lake reflecting the world with a darkened hue.” These are my favorite lines because they are the most meaningful and show that the world is sometimes a dark place. All in all, it was my favorite poem that I’ve written this year.

The Night

  The night has begun

It is haunting

The dark surrounds there is no way to escape it

The night has begun

Evil awakens

For the night has begun

The bloodthirsty creatures of the night search for prey

They each stalk and then pounce

No one hears each scream

Because it is so little, so meek

In that in infinite darkness one by one the lights go out

Some with a struggle some without

You wonder and shiver at the thought, could the next be yours?

But then to your relief the first streaks of dawn approach

For the night is over

Outsider Questions

     1. An outsider is someone who doesn’t fit in. Someone who is different. Someone who is on the outside of their social group.

    2. It is very true that nothing gold can stay. Once a great day or one great thing has passed it is gone. But some things that are golden like a fun sunny day at the beach can happen again. So yes nothing gold can stay but it can happen again.

      3. In this book I learned to be loyal to friends. I learned that sometimes it is all you have and I learned to put friendship first, before being cool, and last to be loyal even if it means putting yourself in danger. You have to just hope and trust that you made the right choice because a true friend is hard to find. Family and friends are all we’ve got.



              Defiance is when someone challenges everything on purpose. Someone who is defiant breaks laws just to show that they are not a rule follower or steals things just because they can, or fight a country’s army because they defy the leaders. A person who is defiant might be a freedom fighter who defies their country’s leaders or a criminal who defies laws. Dally in The Outsidersby S.E. Hinton is defiant.


First of all, Dally is defiant of the law when he sneaks into the movies even though he can afford to get in. The price of the movies is only a quarter, but since it is a rule to pay Dally sneaks in. This shows how he is defiant of the rules, and refused to follow them. Ponyboy says, “He didn’t care whether there was a law or not. He went around trying to break laws,” (pg.20). Dally likes to break the law just because he can.


        In addition, Dally is defiant of the law when he helps Pony and Johnny. He gives them money and a gun even though he knows that he can go to jail. Most people would not help them under the circumstances, but he shows that he cares more about his friends than the law “He handed us a loaded gun and a roll of bills,” (pg.60).  Dally doesn’t really care about right or wrong.


        Finally, Dally is defiant of everything when he kills himself. He is so angry and depressed that he chooses to die. He was defiant of the law when he points the gun at the cops and he was defiant of his friends when he chooses to die. “Even as the policeman’s guns spit fire into the night I knew that was what Dally wanted,” (pg.154). Dally didn’t think about how his death affects his friends, he commits suicide because he wants to.


        In conclusion, Dally was defiant of most things. He was defiant when he is at the movies, when he helps Ponyboy and Johnny, and when he commits suicide. Because Dally is defiant, he is a rebel. If he had not been defiant of laws he might not have helped Pony and Johnny, and they might have gotten arrested. Like Dally, I am defiant every once and a while, especially when it comes to what I believe. I was defiant when I wanted to play saxophone. Even though everybody told that I couldn’t, I did, and I got really good. Being defiant has helped me be myself, and learn to play an instrument. In my case, defiance has been positive for me. Now I do what my heart tells me to do--not what others tell me to do.  


We made a glogster for our poems in English class. A glogster is an online poster. You can put pictures, media, videos, music, text and much more!
This is my Mandala I drew all the things that are important to me. I drew the Italian flag because I am Italian. I drew the music notes because I play saxophone and I love music. I drew the watch because as a present before my sister went to college she bought me a watch, it means a lot to me. I drew the lacrosse stick, the soccer ball, and the football, because those are my favorite sports. I drew the sports team logos because those are my favorite teams.

My Self Evaluation

  I give myself a B in participation. I try to get to class on time every day but sometimes I just can’t make it here. I usually follow directions on the first time except sometimes I check out and am not paying attention. I share regularly but I do not control the harkness table. I don’t blame my results or problems on other people. I try to get help when it’s needed and not skim over things. I’ve turned most assignments in except when I got sick I got behind on my weebly. I’m mostly respectful but sometimes I’m not to my peers. I come to class with my materials most of the time except very once and a while I forget my journal. I do my best to listen and discus respectfully. I always try to stay focused on assignments except sometimes I check out.

I give myself an A- in progress. I have gotten less timid when discussing and feel more free to share in class. I feel like my poetry has gotten stronger. I use more concrete descriptions. I slow down more now and pay more attention to the instructions.

I give myself a B in performance. I’m just not that much of a quiz person I’m more of a paper person. I don’t that well with rubrics.

All in all I give myself an overall, B+.

My Goals

1.       Slow down.

2.       Participate more in discussions

3.       Be more organized.